Best Cities For Families To Visit

Going on a vacation with family can be a very fun bonding experience. However, there might be times that young children get bored when their parents and companions visit places that they don’t find interesting. I mean come on, Disney Land will always be more fun compared to visiting a museum somewhere. To prevent kids from being bored, we have come up with some of the best cities in the USA for kids and families to visit together.

San Diego

Kids and parents will love San Diego. One of the best places to visit in the city is Balboa Park. Better yet, get the Explorer Multi-Day Pass which will allow you to visit the San Diego Zoo, explore the park’s gardens and access 14 museums. In the San Diego Zoo, the kids will enjoy the animatronic dinosaurs, and the Natural History Museum. In downtown San Diego, you can also visit the Children’s Museum and the Seaport Village. San Diego also has great beaches so make sure to drop by the tide pools of the Cabrillo National Monument. Also rent a great exotic car, although you may find them better in Toronto or Montreal if you’re in Canada next vacation.

Washington DC

No kid will refuse to visit the Smithsonian Institution National Museum of Natural History thanks to their dinosaurs and National Air and Space Museum for their lunar display. The good news about these places is that they are located in the National Mall. Another place that won’t bore kids is the National Museum of Natural History where Dorothy’s slippers and Harry Potter’s wardrobe are on display. The National Zoo is a free attraction that has 2,000 animals. Not bad for our country’s capital.


The sun, Orlando and kids make great great fun. But don’t just go there for the wonderful beach resorts. Kids will love visiting Orlando because of Disney’s Animal Kingdom, SeaWorld where Mako the world’s tallest and longest roller coaster is set to open. The city also has Transformers, Dr Seuss and Harry Potter theme parks. For those who love swimming, visit SeaWorld’s Aquatica and Disney’s Blizzard Beach. Add some education on your trip and go to Orlando Science Center.


Start a visit to the City of Brotherly love with historic sites. The Liberty Bell is a good start and don’t forget to view x-rays of the famous crack. Next stop by the National Constitution Center for their hands on exhibits and kid programming. Don’t forget to stop by Betsy Ross’s House where they can learn about the flag maker’s life while they meet a woman pretending to be Betsy herself. Other places of interest include Please Touch Museum, a restored children’s museum that features a railway exhibit. The The Franklin Institute is great for older kids due to their brain exhibit, walk-through heart and sports challenge. And for the whole family, go to Philadelphia Zoo’s KidZooU a combination wildlife academy and petting zoo.

Top Cities to Visit In Europe With Kids

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Advantages Of Using AirBNB

img2One of the great things about traveling is that you get to experience the people, food and culture of countries so far away. Aside from this, you also get to see new places and marvel at their splendor. When we travel, we are not only away from our home but also its comforts. Travelers usually stay in hotels, inns, pension houses, resorts and the like. But these places are impersonal and do not have the touches of home. Here are reasons to pick AirBnB for your next trip.


While you have your own room at the hotel, it lacks the privacy of home. In a hotel, there are always people in the lobby, hallways and other common areas. For some people it can be hard to relax in these kinds of spaces. But when you go for AirBnB you can choose to rent a spacious home that you can live in while you are on vacation. If you fancy a modern home in Houston for example, you can easily find this on their website and rent it for a specific period of time.

Save On Room Service

Following the example above, your modern home in Houston will have its own kitchen. This means you can cook your own food. As we all know, food can take a large part of a traveler’s budget. But when you can cook your own food you are not only assured of a nutritious meal but an affordable one too. Save on breakfast and perhaps dinner by cooking your own food.

Big Groups

Renting homes via AirBnB is also more convenient and economical compared to hotels or inns. Depending on the renters and the size of the home you are renting, it can accommodate big families and large groups.  Now you can be in the same home or location with your friends and families. There’s no need to be in separate hotels or inns.


In some cases, using AirBnB can save you money. Some hotels have extra charges that can hurt your travel budget. But with AirBnB you get to choose homes that are just right for you. In some cases, they are located near public transportation like subway systems and bus stops so that they are very convenient when you are taking public transportation within the city. This means more savings for you!


With AirBnB you can choose from exotic homes, condos, lofts and apartments around the world. No need to worry about accommodations any more. So long as there is a renter listing their home on the website, you can rent it out for your vacation. You can look for homes in Nepalgunj, Squamish, Zabrze and other places in the world!

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What Types of Amenities Will Make Your Hotel Stay a Perfect One?

There is an expectation when booking a hotel room that you will be provided with some basic amenities. Televisions, cable, phones and linens have become common no matter where you book, but other “extras” are not always included in the price or offered at the hotel. Before you book a room, you should look at what the hotel has to offer as a whole to ensure that it can provide you with everything you need to make your stay a pleasant one.

In Room Amenities

In addition to your basic cable TV with remote, many hotels now provide free internet service in their rooms. This is usually through WiFi but you can find rooms with a hard connection if you need it.

A mini bar, coffee maker, and ice bucket can be provided by some hotels to allow you to be able to enjoy your favorite beverages without having to leave the room. Families may want to upgrade to  fridge and cooking facilities if they have small children and don’t want to always have to rely on restaurant food.

Room service is an amenity that almost every hotel provides, but the quality will depend on the rating of the hotel. If you are looking to be able to enjoy a full meal from the comfort of your hotel bed, look at hotels that have exceptional restaurants located on the premises.

Hotel Amenities

In addition to restaurants on site hotels can provide amenities outside of the rooms that all of the guests are free to enjoy. Access to a pool is one example of this type of amenity that is shared by everyone who books a room.

Gym facilities are another, but the quality of the equipment and variety will depend on the type of hotel. Large chains will have full gyms complete with the recommended machines from free weights, rowing machines, and stationary bikes like these. You may even find a hotel that has personal trainers on staff offering classes and other services.

Family oriented hotels may provide special activity centers for children so that the parents can enjoy the other amenities alone. Arts and crafts, games and music are often part of the program which is overseen by qualified members of the hotel staff.

When choosing a hotel it is important that you consider what your personal needs are first, and then make the decision on where to stay based on which hotel can meet your needs. With the amount of services available to you a hotel stay can be a vacation in itself.

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4 Best Tips For Booking A Hotel – Like A Pro!

If you plan to travel abroad, you will definitely need a place to stay.  Usually, people choose to stay in hotels because it is the most convenient option.  However, sometimes your stay can be ruined due to the cost of your stay.

People who travel on a regular basis know how to avoid all the traps set out by hotels, and know how to find the best deals which will save them money.  Finding the best hotel deals and saving money, means mastering the art of travelling and managing your finances at the same time.  If you don’t want your holiday to cause you unnecessary frustration, read the following tips, as they will most certainly help you find the best hotel deal, save your money, and enjoy your stay.

Find Discountstravel-deals

You can significantly reduce the price of your stay, by looking for discounts.  If you are in a position to find a discount, or get a discount, make sure that you use it.  Even though it may sound a little bit old school, but perhaps the simplest way to get a discount on a hotel price is simply to ask for it.  Don’t be shy to write an email to hotel management with the request for reservation, and ask them to offer you a suitable price.  Furthermore, you can also ask them for things you will need during your stay, such as: parking, Wi-Fi, and other hotel services.  Make sure and that the price they offer you is the one which is suitable for you.  Also, if it is possible, ask them to give you the best price.

Plan Ahead

Planning your stay well ahead will definitely save you some serious amount of money that you will be able to spend in a better way.  Staying in a hotel during the peak of the tourist season you will decrease your chances of getting a discount.  If however, you plan your trip in advance, you will probably get the best price.  Preparing everything for your stay in advance, will help you get a better deal, and you will be able to save some of your money, and perhaps even use it for something else.  It definitely pays off, the plan your stay ahead.

Finding A Package Deal

Getting a package deal means not only you will be able to save some money, but you will also get a better hotel. Hotels often decide to give discounts to bookings which are made for groups and this significantly lowers the price. Therefore, if you want to save some money, but still get a best deal and the best hotel, make sure you look for package deals.


Being a member of a group such as AAA or AARP you will often get reduced rates for quality hotels. Similarly, people who work for a nonprofit organization or belong to military personnel, may get discount, therefore you should mention such advantages in your application. Hotels love to reward their returning guests, too. Therefore, if you have stayed at a particular hotel earlier, make sure you happen to mention it.

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